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Set up our own FREE account using our St. Michael’s Parish code.


Here is how:

  1. Go to
  2. Scroll down to “Does your parish already have FORMED?”
  3. Enter our St. Michael’s Parish Code (case sensitive):  QQVXXH  (all caps)
  4. Click on “Submit Code”.
  5. Enter in your own information including full street address and city. 

    Right now the program will not allow you to click on Canada (It is a glitch they are working on) so at the request of, for State just choose “Colorado” and for Zip Code enter “00000” (five zeros).

  6. Choose your password.
  7. From now on you will only need your e-mail address and your password to access all the videos, movies, audio CDs, and e-books you want.  You no longer need to remember or use the Parish Code.


Stations of The Cross


st01                st02              st03


        st04              st05            st06


           st07           st08        st09


          st10           st11          st12 



           st13             st14