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As part of the Parish Leadership Council, the Sunday Experience Group is working on enhancing all parishioners’ experience of the Sunday Mass by:

  • Ensuring everyone is welcome: children, youth and adults.
  • Creating an environment of fellowship
  • Allowing for a place where noise will not interfere with the worship and reverence of the Mass.

Our goal is to make the Sunday Experience, which heart is the Mass, an inviting and welcoming experience for parishioners in increasing numbers.

Amazing Parish

If you would like to contact the Group Leader This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


We would like to thank Catholic Christian Outreach (CCO), particularly Alana Hodge and Dan Freeman for making possible the testimony of Queen’s University alumnus Evan Cassidy. Evan grew up in Belleville, and shared his story of conversion with the students of Nicholson Catholic College on June 10th 2015 after mass.